Photovoltaic installations can be installed on both homes and businesses. A system has the potential to produce all of the electricity that is needed. A photovoltaic system can be “net metered” which will cause your electric meter to spin backwards crediting your account with the electric company if more energy is produced from your system than is used.

There are both state and federal tax incentives for installing a system:

Commercial photovoltaic systems:
   - 26% Federal Business Energy Tax Credit
   - 35% State of Hawaii Energy Conservation Tax Credit
   - Federal and State Accelerated Depreciation

Residential photovoltaic systems:
   - The current federal tax bill allows a 26% Federal Energy      Tax Credit with no cap.
   - Hawaii allows a 35% state tax credit with a $5K cap per 5KW.

See our Tax Benefits page for links to tax forms.

Visit our 546-module MPS solar farm that generates and sells power back to MECO


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Visit International Power Supply our partner, and their award winning Exeron that will soon become the first whole house, non-parallel system that uses the utility as a secondary source of power and will not require utility approval to install. MPS, Inc. & IPS will be bringing this system to the U.S. market.

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