Experience and Stellar Reputation in Solar Solutions for Over 40 Years!

The founder of Maui Pacific Solar, Inc., Mike Carroll, has been installing solar systems on Maui Island, Hawaii for over 40 years. Maui Pacific Solar, Inc. is a locally owned and operated solar hot water and photovoltaic installation company for both residential and commercial projects. Our experience and stellar reputation make us an ideal choice for solar water heaters and solar electric (photovoltaic) installations for both residential and commercial systems. Both system choices offer long-term environmental and financial benefits.

Maui Pacific Solar, Inc.
Maui Pacific Solar, Inc.

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Contact a sales representative for a consultation and more information. Here we have our 546-module solar farm that generates and sells power back to MECO.

We work with integrity and provide precise, quality services. We work hard to stand to our customer’s satisfaction.